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What on earth happened to my cutlist properties?!?!

Question asked by Michael Miller on Feb 12, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2021 by Michael Miller

There are several issues with this file:


[EDIT 2/15/21] Number one has been solved thanks to Josh Helman. I made the mistake of asking two questions in one post, so now we've got one more to go.....



Do you see this when you open cutlist properties?


Whaaa.........??? Where did my custom properties go?



What happened to my sheet metal properties?


One part shows only this. Note that there is no sheet metal thickness, bend allowance, bounding box dimensions, or bends shown.


Another one, totally fine. (The custom property labels are still messed up, see #1 above).



Disclaimer, this is not my modelling. I know it's not all kosher...