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Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Feb 12, 2021
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Rather than regurgitating things I posted this on twitter this morning. 


This was the first event I've "attended" - the usual physical one I just cannot justify either the cost or time out - so it was interesting, and over the next few weeks I'll dive into many of the recorded meetings - which is where the value in these events lies. But my comments focus on my impressions of the future of Solidworks and the current reality companies like mine face.


I've supported Solidworks for over 20 years. We have directly influenced the purchase of specification of maybe 400+ seats over the last 20 years. In our own tiny design business we have two, and we have stayed on active maintenance all these years. I'm not afraid of the cloud - we use other systems that are cloud/browser for critical business functions. For us it is about value and the ongoing value of maintenance for desktop Solidworks is declining year on year.


I've revealed some actual costs in that thread - mainly as a counter to the comments by G P Bassi and the executive leadership at SolidWorks and Dassault.


I've used the xApps. I've also used (and license) many directly competitive products (Autodesk Fusion 360/Creo 7 with Style/Rhino 7/Power Surfacing/VectorWorks) so I know wnat the current market actually offers. I've also been involved in many many UX/UI/Alpha/beta tests for 3D CAD vendors (NDAs prevent further explanation) so I see what is coming.


It appears to me that Solidworks/Dassault have their heads buried so far in the sand now that they cannot see - or refuse to acknowledge -  the deficiencies in the 3D EXPERIENCE platform. I get A LOT of direct messages on twitter and LinkedIn from users, VARs and others involved in the 3D CAD industry. Everyone is worried about the future of Solidworks as a product.