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CAMWorks Virtual Machine Vs Vericut

Question asked by Matt Juric on Feb 11, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2021 by Craig Serkanic

Anyone here have experience, information or general overall knowledge of these two products?


We are currently using Vericut. We've had it for several years but it has never been completely, properly or effectively implemented. I'm working toward doing just that as well as looking to expand it's use into other departments.


We currently use CAMWorks in some areas but also use other programs ranging from "Cut and paste" to a few other CAM programs.


What I'm attempting to find out is...

1) How do the packages compare. Ease of use, difficultly of setting up, time spent etc etc.

2) Does Camworks have "Options" with additional cost. For instance we pay for multiple options in Vericut that doubles the cost in both seat and maintenance.


Furthermore, maybe there's a better option that either of these.