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SW2017 Education uninstall issue

Question asked by Mike Kirsch on Feb 11, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2021 by Mike Kirsch

I have Windows 7 Home Premium and tried installing the SW2017 Education version. After many many hours I stopped it so it did not complete the install. I went to the Windows Uninstall to uninstall whatever got installed and it was not listed there. So I decided to manually delete the folders/files but had trouble deleting all of them. Since then I have installed SW2020 SP03 so any remnants of files that I could not delete must have been overwritten by the newer version because now I do not find any of the old files.


The issue I am having is that any time I turn the computer on I got a dialog box saying: Please wait while Windows configures SolidWorks 2017 SP02.


I'm assuming this means that there are still some remnants from SW2017 in the registry? Does anyone know how I can fix this issue please?