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Flexing radiused corner more than original bend

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on Feb 11, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2021 by Tommy Kowalczyk

I am trying to extend a bend of an existing radius of a part.  I do not have ANY experience with the FLEX command but have watched a few YouTube videos on it.  I have tried adjusting the Trim Planes as well as the Triad but have not been having any luck.


Does the part have to start in a "straight" profile BEFORE applying the Flex option?  An example is, you take a paper clip and want to bend OUT the end side of the paper clip.


I would like to FLEX Out the attached model (by 10-20°), but maintain the geometry and any cutouts (as well as other features) in the rectangular portions of the part.  Can I add features to the piece AFTER is it bent?  The two rectangular portions are to be symmetric at any bent angle.  I am aiming to bend only the arced portion of the part, maintaining the straight portions, as well as the rectangular geometries.



Hope that this makes sense.


Thanks, in advance for your help!