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Simulation Real World Benchmark

Question asked by Egbert Joostens on Feb 11, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2021 by Bill McEachern

For a customer I am performing different simulations. For the Buckling simulations the customer states the following in reports from previous simulations they have performed on their own in 2016: "Based on official Benchmark tests, the SolidWorks static buckling simulation has a known deviation between 1 and 4 compared to the real situation.". 


The official benchmark tests they refer to were tests performed by Solidworks themselves. That's the only thing they remember. Because of this deviation they divide the buckling factor of safety calculated by the Buckling Study by 4, to be safe. 


They do not have the source for these official Benchmark tests, and after searching on the forum and searching on Google I cannot find a source either. 


Does anyone know what official Benchmark tests the customer is referring to? Is this deviation in the Buckling Study a thing?


Thank you!