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Need a Macro to Detect Interference in a Part File

Question asked by Andrew Pogue on Feb 11, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2021 by Andrew Pogue

I have a parametric model of an aircraft, and want to find the first point of contact from variable angles of descent. I have created a plane which has a thin extrude to create a green solid body, and the aircraft and plane angles are controlled by a design table.


I am inexperienced in coding, however have written some code to incrementally move the plane closer to the aircraft, however I need an if statement to identify when the plane interferes with the aircraft and then stop the plane moving, and output the solid body on the aircraft that is the first point of contact. Ideally I could set the colour of this solid body to red for identification.


The process I am trying to create:

1) Aircraft and Plane Angles are input in design table

2) Macro moves Plane (green) towards aircraft

3) Plane contacts aircraft fuselage solid body, outputs this in a message box and colours the fuselage body red.




I'm sure this is possible by VBA code, but haven't been able to find any similar questions on the forum.


I want to keep this all in a part file rather than an assembly to keep the design table clean and user friendly.


All ideas welcome, thanks in advance.