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Hole table doesn't show info for a hole within a hole

Question asked by Deanna Walch on Feb 10, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2021 by Dave Laban

I'm using SW Premium 2018 SP4.0 and I'm having an issue with a hole table. I have a threaded hole that has a counterbore on it. The C'Bore shows up in the table, but the M6 threaded hole does not. I've tried separating the two threaded holes from the rest and separately placing them after the C'Bore. Originally the C'Bore was an extruded cut concentric to the threaded hole. M1 & M2 are the C'Bores. There should also be F11 & F12. No matter what I try, it's not happening. Any suggestions? For now I'm going to put in a hole callout to ensure that the holes get placed.

 Thanks in advance,