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Disable right-click-to-confirm / -finish-feature-edit?

Question asked by Jesse Powers on Feb 10, 2021

Is there a way to disable the activation of the right-click-to-confirm thing in SW? 


For example, when I'm selecting faces for inclusion in a feature, after selecting a face the cursor will turn into a little computer mouse icon with a little green checkmark on the right mouse button.  If you don't move the mouse, you can right click and it will finish the feature for you.  Most of the time I'm trying to add more faces, and I have to right click to open the menu to "select other..." to pick another hidden face.  And so I have to move the mouse around to get rid of the right-click-to-confirm thing, or I accidentally right click and have to open the feature again.  It's just annoying, and I wish I could turn it off-- especially since you can just push Enter to confirm anyway.