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How to use "extruded cut's" "flip side to cut" function with multiple regions and overlapping contours in those regions

Question asked by Salamander Joe on Feb 9, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2021 by Paul Salvador



In SW 2018 SP 0.1 I am trying to use extrude cut's "flip side to cut" function and I've run into an issue. My sketch has two separate "areas" to cut. Each area consist of multiple, overlapping closed contours, which split each cut "area" into several different sketch regions. I then have to select each region individually to capture the entire area I'm interested in cutting. I'm trying to avoid trimming my sketch entities to make each cut area a single region, so during the cutting operation I selected the rest of the sketch face region outside the two cut areas and selected "flip side to cut", thinking this would cut all regions besides the face I'd selected. However only the first cut area is actually cut after the operation.


My question is why doesn't this method cut both areas? The cut preview even shows the second area included before I click the green check mark, but after the operation only the first area is cut. FYI the second cut area is a linear-sketch-patterned repeat of the first cut area.


To reiterate, these cut areas consist of multiple, closed, overlapping contours, such that each area is split into several regions that have to be individually selected during the cut operation. I have two separate (identical, linear-sketch-patterned) areas I'm trying to cut in one operation, both containing overlapping contours/multiple regions. I want to avoid trimming sketch entities, so I selected the rest of the sketch face (a single region encompassing both cut areas) outside of the two cut areas and selected "flip side to cut", but only the first cut area was cut despite there being a preview of the second area. Is there a way to make this method work without trimming entities or selecting each individual region in each cut area?


I'm not allowed to upload the part but I've uploaded a screenshot. The 6x circles at the corners of the hex shape overlap the hex's contours and form multiple sketch regions, despite being a single area to cut. Of course this process is very easy when contours aren't overlapping because I can just select the entire sketch profile and it recognizes the two regions. However I find trimming entities to be tedious and I try to avoid it for a number of reasons, so this was my alternate solution.