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Tolerance/Precision not calculating

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Feb 9, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2021 by Matt Peneguy

So, finally knuckling down and learning hole/shaft tolerances like I should have 15 years ago.


I want to specify a 6mm hole using the hole wizard with a D9. That should result in a hole with a diameter of between 6.03mm - 6.06mm. My issue is when I set hole tolerances using the hole wizard:



The +/- tolerance stays at zero. I am expecting the tolerance to calculate when I change the Hole Fit parameter from one setting to another. Am I expecting the hole tolerances to automatically be populated based on the diameter of hole and the selection I make.


My final hole callout ends up being +/- 0.00. Not what is intended:


Am I expecting too much or is the hole wizard not working for me?