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Solidworks and low vision

Question asked by John Woodward on Feb 9, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2021 by Braun Sharon

I have recently suffered a vision loss and this is combined with my difficulty seeing certain color combinations. I am experimenting with display settings and system colors but I keep returning to defaults. Three specific problems:

1. The flyout toolbars, when you click a feature in the design tree, are very faint. I would like to get more contrast.

2. Shaded surfaces on a part are too dark and I don't see the colors of lines, dimensions, and some selected items. I usually have to switch to wireframe display. I cannot find what controls the shading. I would like to lighten it up.

3. Using the measuring tool, if there is a color change to the item selected, I can't see it. I could not determine what system color controls this.

I suspect most of these things are built in and cannot be changed. I hope that someday programmers will recognize that a percentage of the population has vision problems, and they will off more options.