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Macro to insert break view in drawing

Question asked by Learning Expert on Feb 9, 2021

I am having a set of drawings with different diameter and length.

Most of the drawings were going out of the sheet because of larger length, I am not supposed to increase or decrease the view scale, so the only option will be I need to break the view.

I have created an excel linked with solidworks, in the excel I will mention the path with file name along a Button.

Once the user click on the button the drawing will open and need to insert the break

Can anyone help me to insert the break.

for reference I have attached the model and drawings

   1.   Pipe 600 to Pipe 10000

   2.   Sample output drawing image (no need to show the dimension (from the starting /ending edge to the break point in the drawing)

   3.   Excel document with code to open the drawing, can anyone please update the code to insert break view.