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    Sketch Plane auto-orientation....

    Roy Potter
      When I first pick a sketch plane and start a sketch it automatically makes the plane square on to the screen, thereafter it does not.
      Can anyone explain the rationale behind this?
      In SE I believe you can set the system to either rotate the model so the plane is square on or leave it as selected for all sketch operations.

      It's not a major problem just curious.
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          Good Question.

          I created a new part template with the Z up, and my first sketch on the front plane gets fliped over and backwards to the orientation that I would like.

          It would be nice to be able to control this. Maybe I can and just don't know how?

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              Steve Calvert
              Having come over from UG and Pro/E where this action could have been set (automatic in Pro/E) it made a lot of us wonder as well. I know I submitted an Enhancement request for this ability some time ago, you could do the same.

              If it is a sketch that you'll be in a lot, I suggest making a view for it.

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                  Jason Capriotti
                  There is a tool to realign the sketch but it has no toolbar button and its hidden.

                  Go to "Tools\Sketch Tools\Align and select "Align Grid/Origin". It will allow you to pick an X or Y axis to re-orient the sketch.

                  If there is already a sketch present, you probably want to check the option "Relocate origin only". The only catch is it will delete all Horizontal and Vertical relations. Would be nice if it switched them but...oh well....
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                      Hi Jason
                      I have a related problem, I am working with 6 sketches all on different planes in one part I am not creating parts from these sketches I am using them to create simple diagrams in a drawing. I have created a sketch on the top plane My problem is that when I create a plane offset from the top plane and then create a sketch on this plane its orientation is opposite to the sketch on the top plane which is underneath it Which means that all the blocks and text i insert is upside down. I have tried to do what you have sugested without success. Go to "Tools\Sketch Tools\Align and select "Align Grid/Origin". It will allow you to pick an X or Y axis to re-orient the sketch. Do you pick on the Axis of the grid?

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                    James Ceszyk

                    I've done the same thing, changing Z to up in my templates. I think the sketch origin orientation must be automatic based on the selected plane normal. I'd really like to change these so that my sketch origins are oriented the way I'd expect on creation of each new sketch.


                    A work around in 2009 is to create a sketch on the front or right planes, place any entity in the sketch (this makes the Modify command available in the drop down menu), then navigate to Tools > Sketch Tools > Modify. From here you can right click the ends of the black origin symbol to flip orientation of your sketch origin so that Vertical matches Z+. Now you can continue the sketch as needed.


                    Unfortunately, you'll need to do that step for each new sketch on those planes.




                    Message was edited by: James Ceszyk - Found that sketch origin can be changed with the sketch open and modified the workaround to reflect that.

                  • Sketch Plane auto-orientation....
                    Tonia Lauer
                    It is by design that the first sketch of a part turns normal to the plane that you're sketching on just for convenience. Theoretically you've got nothing to reference but the planes and origin, so why not look straight onto your sketch?

                    The same reason for the first solid feature, it turns to a trimetric view when you're in the property manager, just so that you can get a better view of what you're doing.

                    After the first sketch and base feature, then you've got other things to relate to (for actual sketch relations and to keep your bearings), so SolidWorks leaves you in whatever orientation you were in.