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Parametric assemblies

Question asked by 1-GTQX2P on Jun 9, 2009
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

We are trying to work with Design Tables to create parametric assemblies, but it makes to slow to work, and also, we have found that at the end, it doesn't work, because excel can not open more than 60 times (more or less)

We have heard that it can be programmed an aplication where we can collect all the inputs for the top assembly and the sub-assemblies and parts below as dimensions, components states, configurations, etc. With this aplication, all this data
is aplied to the components, and it is easy to change de parametrics of an assembly. All the parametrics in one excell sheet, so just playing the macro, all the pieces are rebuilding.

Does anyone can help us how to start programming this, or maybe is it possible to find something similar already programmed?

Thank you so much.