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two vaults

Question asked by Gerard Boterman on Feb 8, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2021 by Tim Webb

Question for a PDM expert:


Our company requires a firm separation of (FDA) production approved Solidworks files (parts, assemblies, drawings) and design files, working with a 'production team' and a 'design team'.

- the 'production team' has modified many (sub-)assemblies showing the actual material structure and exploded views for work instruction manuals. All files are approved. The production team does not make geometry or matl. changes.

- based on history, the design team will change and updated files, which can cause sub-assemblies to change.


To prevent this we propose to split the PDM into two vault, one for production, one for design.

- Production vault, managed by production team, contains only approved files.

- Design vault, original a copy of the production vault and updated when required for new projects. Design team uses the PDM design vault to make changes to any related CAD files, in various changes and concepts until tested approved.


Once approved, all approved and related part and drawings files are transferred to the production vault, where the production team is responsible for the update of related files (master assembly).

Having these two vaults completely separated, there is no complex system required and [production] and [design] are completely separated.


Your comments, suggestions, ideas are much appreciated. Thanks, Gerard