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SOLIDWORKS simulation force/time/Deflection Plot Help!

Question asked by ROb Staruch on Feb 8, 2021
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I am trying to run a very simple fixed cantilever beam deflection simulation. I have produced a 1mm (diameter) x 12mm(length) rod/beam. I fix this at one end. I then create a 1mm x 2mm square at the end of the rod, which I then wrap around the beam using the wrap function. I then use this square/ rectangle to apply the force to the end of the beam (this relates to a real world experiment).


I have set custom properties for the material I am using (custom plastic, with known Yield strength, Youngs modulus and density) which I apply to the beam. 


I ran some simulations to the beam of between 1 N - to 0.0005N of load.


I have some questions which I would be grateful for guidance. 


1. When the force is applied to the beam does is step from0N to desired Newtons over a time period ?(looking around I am inclined to believe yes - as one can generate a linear plot of the time vs load )


2. if the force application ramps - can I plot this force against displacement in order to show that as the force is applied there is either a linear or non linear relationship with the displacement of the beam. 


3. If I cannot directly plot the Force/ Displacement plot on SOLIDWORKS - how can I do this indirectly. I assume to this I will need to have some data for the force that corresponds to time, that I can correspond to the resultant displacement.


I would be grateful of some direction, so that I can record the right plots out of the simulation. 

The output I would like is a Force vs Displacement for the simulation that I can then correlate to the Von Mises stress so that I can so whether the model is geometrically deforming (Rather than material deformation).


Any help greatly received. Thanks in advance.