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Modifying structural member cutlist length

Question asked by J. P. on Feb 8, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2021 by Glenn Schroeder

I've got a unique situation, trying to utilize structural members within a weldment. We have drawn the model as the finished welded assembly using a single weldment. The issue lies with one of the members having several bends in it and to accomplish the finished product, it starts longer than it is finished. Thus the cutlist is "wrong". Having the cutlist autogenerate totals is very nice as the entire weldment has many variations. 


I've attached a sample file for reference. Assuming the Length is 86.85" for this member, when really it is suppose to start out as 92". I can't just change the length as I need the model to display correctly and it isn't an individual file, as there are other members not shown.