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2019 - I have a stand alone license and it is no longer recognized.

Question asked by Gabriel Parker on Feb 7, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2021 by Gabriel Parker

 I have done some reading and attempted a few  fixes to no avail. Other are getting a license pop-ups....this is not the case for me. It just shuts down. 



The fixes I can find online and examples on "how to" fix this...start off with this (image below) after an attempt to open the prog.



I get just a verifying license pop-up that goes away and nothing happens..(below)




..this is after applying several suggestions regarding :


-   HKEY_Local/Current_Users setting

-   Turning off firewalls

-   Re-establishing the License network connection

-   rX Options

-   Duct Tape


Usually a difference like this results in more button clicks when things aren't exact.


I need this program up and running ASAP and for some reason of which I have no idea...It just stopped. 


Any Idears?