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Electrical Routing - Break Link to Upper Assembly

Question asked by Richard Polk on Feb 8, 2021

My company has been using Solidworks 2017 Routing to create electrical harnesses, and we keep our files in an SAP-based vault system (SAP Engineering Control Center). I have to import a bunch of wiring harnesses that were created by a previous engineer. These are all part of a larger assembly that includes wiring harnesses, PCBs, sheetmetal, etc. Some of the wiring harnesses were saved on his hard drive instead of being started from the SAP vault (which is why I have to import them).


The problem is, that whenever I try to import a single wiring harness it tries to import the entire upper level assembly that the harness was created in. I think this is because each harness appears to have a link upward to the upper assembly (since it was created in the context of the assembly). You can see this is the attached screen grab that shows the relationships when I attempt a Pack and Go of just one of the harnesses (100071595 is the harness I'm trying to import). I have also attached a screen grab of what happens if I try to Import this harness.


Does anyone know how I can break or suspend the upward link from the wiring harness to the upper level assembly that it was created in (long enough to import it)? I've tried right-clicking and "List External Refs" but it doesn't show up, so apparently there are no external references as solidworks sees it.