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swVertex.GetPoint in drawings returns odd values.

Question asked by Alejandro Santana on Feb 8, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2021 by Peter Brinkhuis



I am trying to get the position of visible vertexes in a drawing view using the following code:



vVisComps = swView.GetVisibleComponents()

vVisEnts = swView.GetVisibleEntities2(vVisComps(0), swViewEntityType_e.swViewEntityType_Vertex)


For i = 0 To UBound(vVisEnts)
   Set swVertex = vVisEnts(i)
   VertexPt = swVertex.GetPoint
   Debug.Print i & ": " & VertexPt(0) & " - " & VertexPt(1) & " - " & VertexPt(2)

Next i



I would expect to get one of the following values:


  1. The x,y,z coordinates of the vertex with respect to the 3D MODEL ORIGIN.
  2. Or the x,y,z coordinates of the vertex with respect to the DRAWING SHEET ORIGIN located in the bottom left corner of the drawing template.


However, I am not getting any of those values and the curious thing is that if I relocate the drawing view somewhere else the program returns different vertex point coordinates, making me believe that they are related to the drawing coordinates but when I put the cursor over the vertex the drawing coordinates differ from the returned ones from the program...


The issue not related to unit of measures, I have checked it.


Any suggestions?


Thank you,