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Equation Reference Problem

Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Feb 4, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2021 by Marshall Wilson

SW 2020 SP5

I have an assembly, with multiple files and sub-assemblies, but some of my parts are reverting to the equation file in another (previous version) folder.... I've changed them back several times, but for some reason they keep reverting to a previous folder's equation file.


Itsa driving me crazy.


So, my current assembly version is V4, but several parts keep referencing back to the V1 folder


Also - related - When I use Pack-and-Go in the assembly, it shows some of the parts referencing equations.txt in the "V1" folder, but when I open the Equations dialog within those parts, it shows the correct "V4" equations file.... 


I mean, I'm used to the "pack-and-go" feature sometimes incorrectly assigning equations files, in which case you go through all the parts and check to make sure the equation files being referenced are in the correct folder, but in this case, even when I change the part's equation file, it switches back again... And not immediately...