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Nicely Formatted Design Table Management Solution

Discussion created by Michael Peroutek on Feb 5, 2021
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I am working on a parametric model where many of the dimensions will be changed over time as the project moves forward. I would like an elegant way for me and others to be able to view and edit dimensions outside of Solidworks.


Obviously linking an Excel design table (or a .txt of the equations) to the part file would achieve that goal. My issue with these solutions is that their format is very clunky, and its often hard to find the exact dimension you're looking for if unless you know the specific sketch/dimension name. For this reason, I'd much rather have an Excel file design table of my own design, with the data organized in a way that is more conducive to understanding/browsing.


One solution would be for me to have two Excel files. One "pretty" Excel file that links to the "ugly"-Solidworks-compatible Excel file, then the ugly file links to the actual Solidworks part. However, as the part scales and many new dimensions are introduced, managing this linkage will be a pain.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that Solidworks probably lacks the ability to read from strangely formatted files, but maybe someone has experience on the Excel end with creating an intermediate table between the two that Solidworks can read.


Thanks in advance.