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How to Detect If SolidWorks was Installed from Admin Image?

Question asked by Casey Balderson on Feb 5, 2021

We have some users who installed from a SolidWorks Admin Image. This was not known at the time, but this now means they can't update to the next service pack without being connected to the updated installation location. Unfortunately, these users are all working from home now, and installs over our VPN network are atrocious.

So, I need to send the non-Image users to install one way (efficiently), and the Imaged users to basically re-install.
My macro makes some changes and updates the non-image users, but I need to know if there's anything that the macro can check to see is the users installed from an admin image, or if they didn't, basically.



Better yet, is there a way to tell SolidWorks that it doesn't need an admin image to update?