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EPDM 2018 Api BrowseforFile doesn´t show explorer detailed view

Question asked by Heinz Navratil on Feb 5, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2021 by Heinz Navratil


I made a standalone app which uses the "BrowseForFile" method

The issues is, that it doesn´t show the detailed view of the explorer window (see first screenshot)


If I open the same folder with the explorer, it shows the detailed view.(see second screenshot)


I don´t know if this is my fault or if this is a bug

I use the method with this code


PathList = EPDMVault.BrowseForFile(Nothing, EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_ForOpen + EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_PermitLocalFiles + EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_PermitMultipleSel + EdmBrowseFlag.EdmBws_PermitVaultFiles, "SOLIDWORKS files " + "(*.slddrw)|" + "*.slddrw|" + "All Files (*.*)|*.*||", "", "", RootFolder, "Dateien auswählen")



EPDM 2018 

Windows 10 Enterprise

Version 10.0.18363


Best regards and #thank you for any hints




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