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How to? Design table as Ole Object in drawing

Question asked by Robert Wijnands on Feb 4, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2021 by Robert Wijnands

We have a number of SW model parts, in where the length is defined by various values in a design table. For every part of such origin, there's also a part drawing, in where the content of this design table is inserted as ole object. It allows you to define  its length as 'X', in where you refer to this table. This has been neatly setup by a colleague who's no longer with us, and I can't figure out how he did it. and I want to make a similar setup.


Basically, I started to follow these steps:

  • Insert → Object... → ... (then what?)
    • do I choose 'Create new object' or 'Create from file'?
      (I think 'new', as when I choose an existing file, I can only define the part file it's rooted from, which ends up at a dead end)
    • so, when proceeding with a new object, do I choose MS Excel Binary Worksheet, Excel Macro-enabled Worksheet or Excel Worksheet? (Mind that the design table is set up via MS Excel, but not stored externally, so I presume it's embedded somehow)
    • how to locate this embedded(?) Design table?


I've tried to find an answer by reverse engineering it via the existing drawings, but when checking the available Ole Object properties, I can't find any reference or location to this embedded Design table other than its dimensions and projected scale.


FYI, I'm working with SW2019 SP4. This help file was consulted, but didn't help me any further.