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What limits the animation transition between views?

Question asked by Marian Goldshtein on Feb 4, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2021 by Marian Goldshtein

When creating a small assembly, transitioning between views is smooth and you can see everything happening.

When using a big assembly, transitioning between views is just a snap, no animation or anything.

I am guessing it is the number of objects that limits this, so I was hoping that somebody might know the limit.


  1. Is it hard-coded, if so, what is the limit?
  2. If it is project based (smgxml/smgproj), how can I configure it?
  3. While using SMGXML:
    1. If I unloaded products can this help?
    2. If a view later loads the product, will this negate everything else? (I mean you cannot unloaded using views).


Thanks for any help!