Gregor Marzel

Struggling to set up a PDF/DXF export from folder with custom property

Discussion created by Gregor Marzel on Feb 3, 2021
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I have been trying for 2 days to set up a macro, but my lack of programming always leaves me hanging. What i'm trying to achieve is pretty simple from the examples i have seen. Export PDF or/and DWG files from drawings in a selected folder to the same/or other folder but with the name only consisting of two Custom Properties. 


For example:

I want to export "Part1.slddrw" which has a "Custom Part Number = A20-002" and "Custom Title = Motor" properties to a file that looks like this: "A20-002_Motor.PDF"


I have searched for many hours but cant find something that suits me. I have found one similar Macro(in attachment).

The only problem with this macro is that i want to select the folder in which it automatically opens all drawings and saves them instead of having to open them all manually.


This would save me hours of manual pdf and dwg renaming every day. THANK YOU!