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Slightly Off-Topic. Computer for HD-Video

Question asked by Charles Culp on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2009 by Chris Challinor
Since I know I can get some valid opinions here, I was hoping to get some thoughts. Currently, I have a PC that has an AMD Thunderbird 1800+, with 756MB RAM as my "TV computer". It sends a DVI>HDMI signal to my LCD TV at up to 1080p. I have an AGP GeForce 8800+ (or something like that, I'm not even sure!), so the video card is plenty powerful for 1080p. It cannot play streaming video off the internet. Not even at lower quality. It can barely handle YouTube, it cannot handle 360px Hulu.

I want to replace it with a system that can easily handle Hulu-HD, plus anything else that may be coming its way in the near, or distant future. Any ideas on what I need? Should I go with a Corei7? What is the cheapest i7 system anyone has put together? Has anyone tried using their Core2Duo or Core2Quad to play streaming videos off the internet? In HD? at 1920x1080?