Jacob Cadwell

Identical part, sheet metal flat pattern not matching~

Discussion created by Jacob Cadwell on Feb 3, 2021


I have this sheet metal part. I copied it and put tabs on it as a second SLDPRT. When I compare the flat patterns, I notice that although the overall length is the same- 20 3/4, the distance between bends is off by a 1/16"! 

Is this because the "down" was getting bent at a radius of 3/16", and now it is 1/4"?

If so, why did the bend radius's flip sides from 3/16 to 1/4 for the top and bottom? How do I change this so that both parts bend lines are identical?

Any expert/experienced sheet metal users out there? Been working on figuring out why this is not matching for over an hour. 


Any feedback appreciated/