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Solidworks Manage & pdfs / edrawings?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Feb 3, 2021


       We are rolling out Solidworks Manage live next Monday & one issue we’re still trying to figure out is pdfs, & how to deal with them. There was talk of eliminating them, & just using SW edrawings, but sometimes if you go into a SW file that’s 15/20 years old what you see on the snap shot pdf from that time, is not what you see when you open the SW drawing, if you can opening it etc. Because of this I’m hoping that we can keep pdf’s at least until we figure something else.

     Presently with our ecr system, when we close the ecr, it creates a pdf, puts it in a product folder, & then puts the old one in an obsolete folder, with it’s ecr no. & date etc in it’s title. I don’t believe manage is designed to do that but it will create a pdf, & put it somewhere. So, my question is what are manage uses doing in this area? We will be replacing our ecr system & will do the ecr’s in manage.


     Thanks in advance for any input;

Rob_D SW 2019 sp5