Balloon Numbers

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 15, 2006
I'm assuming you're doing detail views of assembly components and you want the views numbered according to your parts list.
OK, fine, create a view of the top-level assembly, showing all of the components you intend to detail. Create a BOM from that view.
Now, create your individual detail views and
on each one, right-click, select properties, and in the view properties dialog box, where it says 'keep linked to bom' check that checkbox and select your bom from the list.
Now, bubble the part in the view. Select the balloon.
In the property manager, go into 'more properties' and uncheck the arrow, borders, etc.
Move the balloon under your view
Now you can go back to your assembly BOM, select it, and select 'edit bom contents' from the property manager.
There, you can hide components not detailed and shuffle them to the end of the lst. The ballooned column will show you which item numbers have balloons.
Now, if you add a compnent, change a bom item number or anything, the bubbles labeling your views should update.
Will that get you what you're looking for?