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Best way to show a measuring scale for production

Discussion created by Chris Troy on Feb 2, 2021
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Hello to everyone,


I am hoping someone has a better way to produce a ruler scale on a sheet metal part for production.  I have tried to cut a scale in millimeters on my part but the file becomes too large for my PC to calculate  - it is 540 mm horizontally and also I would like a similar scale placed vertically on the part, this one 430mm.  Here is a video of what I am trying to place on my part:


SolidWorks Tutorial : Foot ruler / Measuring scale - YouTube 


The sheet metal plant we use has suggested that I produce the drawing in CAD format.  I do not have a CAD program other than SW but I thought I could create a drawing of the part with a visible sketch of a scale on it and save the drawing as .DXF. This is not very efficient and I am curios for a better way.


Very appreciated if someone may have a suggestion.


thank you.