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Assembly Drawings, how to show Available options via Configurations?

Question asked by Tyler Harding on Feb 2, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2021 by Jim Sculley

We have a top level Assembly Drawing, with lets say 50 parts. We'll call this PN 123456-####



Our standard product might be 123456-1111. Let's say the last digit corresponds to a NA power cord.


We'll also offer an EU power cord, which would make this 123456-1112


Every digit after the "-" in the part number, corresponds to an available option.


On our assembly drawing, if I only want to show 1 assembly, let's say 123456-1111, is there a way to stack an EU balloon, on that NA power cord that is shown?


Because it's a different configuration, that EU power cord is suppressed, and I can't seem to balloon it unfortunately. I wish you could link balloons to your BOM directly, instead of just the model itself, which is suppressed.


What I'm trying to avoid is excess complete assembly models on a single drawing.


Our BOM is showing every configuration in case that matters. Shows the BOM for every configuration.