Michael Paul

Column Header in BOM table

Discussion created by Michael Paul on Feb 2, 2021

we just upgraded from 2018 to 2020.  


apparently there are some differences in BOM tables between the two.  when I first added a BOM to a drawing that contained multiple configurations the header in the BOM table was not updating for each configuration.  after searing a little, I found that I needed to click a box in the BOM table tab for document properties.



this got me my individual configurations, but now I have a "/" symbol after the configuration number.  so my column header displayx 10032600/ and I only want it to display the number



if I double click in the header cell to edit the header, I can only edit the text I've added.  which is the "QTY." text on the second line.  I don't have access to the config line of text.



anybody know what to change to fix this?