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BOM Merge Rows

Question asked by Jeremiah White on Feb 2, 2021

Having a difficult time organizing our BOM. After trying several configurations, we can't seem to get everything we want.



  1. Tags should be listed by Position in Book.
  2. Terminals should be listed as and grouped by Parent Tag.
  3. When a Tag has 2 or more Parts, those Parts should enter on Separate Rows. *
  4. Separate BOM by Book


1. Tags listed by Position in Book: Accomplished.

  • Current: Sort using com_tag


2. Terminals Grouped by Parent: Accomplished.

  • Current: Component Tag Column Formula: IIF (com_type==4 ,vcomcom_com_tag ,com_tag)
  • Current: Sort using vcomcom_com_tag
  • Current: Merge Rows on Component Tag formula
  • Tried: Merge Rows on bom_reference


3. Tag w/ 2+ Parts: FAILED.

  • Tried: Break by bom_reference


4. BOM by Book: Accomplished.

  • Current: Sort using bun_tag
  • Option: %CUR_BUNDLE_ID% and "One Report by Book"


This could work, if we can get rid of the Merge Rows on Component Tag Column formula. However, that interferes with Terminals in our BOM. They would be listed individually by part number. To solve that, we could Merge Rows on bom_reference. However, that interferes with our Component Tag column in the event 2 sequential Components have the same Part #. Using bom_reference to Break would be great if it didn't insert a header after every break.


Hoping you all have some insight. Thanks in advance.