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Import command manager tab to multiple users

Question asked by Joshua Hutton on Feb 2, 2021

Hello all. I am trying to see if there is a way for me to export a particular tab setup, specifically for custom macros that we have, and then import it onto all of our users machines. I figured out how to do this with a macro toolbar, but most of my users like the large icons with text look that the command manager gives. I also don't want to force all of the users to use the same toolbar and menu customization settings, since every user is a little bit different, but I want them all to have the same macros tab with the same custom macro buttons without them having to setup each button on their system. Is there any way to save a tab setup and push it out to them?


I did take a look at the copy settings wizard registry output, but it looks like a convoluted mess and I couldn't find any information on how this breaks down.