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Save Bodies Feature Changing Cutlist

Question asked by John Kulick on Feb 1, 2021

Has anyone else had the issue where after applying the save bodies feature, it changes the bodies with in your cutlist.


Basically I have all my cutlist parts named:


Part 1 (2)

Part 2 (2)


Apply save bodies, either by making an assembly or selecting one of each identical body.


After that my cutlist will no longer see certain bodies as identical


Part 1 (2)

Part 2 (1)

New Name(1)


I can suppress the save bodies feature and it will sometimes go back to normal. Even then, some models I will Ctrl+q hard rebuild and the cutlist bodies will reclassify bodies each time.

I have tried right clicking the cutlist and collect all identical bodies but that does nothing.


I have been forced to turn off automatic cutlist creation after I name all my bodies so I dont lose the identical bodies.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks