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Why are you releasing software that doesn't work, Dassault systems?

Question asked by P. Farnham on Jan 30, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2021 by Solid Air

Just upgraded pdm professional, (really, you call it professional, why?), by VAR

New workstations and Solidworks 2021 sp1


Brand new install with VAR supplied software.

I have spent every single day this week with support with some calls lasting two hours!!


What a pile of shite Solidworks software has become!


CompCurve errors everywhere, where even the "history macro" finds them but the "purge all unused", doesn't see them.


Constant crashing when just changing configurations!

Constant crashing when printing

Random crashes when opening drawings

Random crashes when changing windows


Repair solved the Constant printing crashes


This error -conisiocad:0004184a with constant crashing, when changing configurations, repeatable.

Downloaded just released driver for Nvidia RTX5000, no change.


File Upgrade Version Tool fails

Task Scheduler fails

Toolbox fails


Stupid option that stops BOM's on drawing from updating, that wasn't an option before.

If I rebuild the drawing, of course I would what the BOM to reflect the change!


I will go for a break and when I come back, Solidworks has crashed out, even when not being used!!


Please fix this.