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Extruding solid body from 3D surface?

Question asked by Jerome Weijers on Feb 1, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2021 by Jerome Weijers

Hello, all, first question from new user!!


I have created two 3D curved surfaces in a part drawing, from which I wish to create a solid body, extending from the surfaces to a chosen planar surface


I have tried thickening and surface extrude, either on a single of the surfaces or on both simultaneously.


Thickening gives me a body that extends roughly perpendicular from the individual surface in a specified thickness - not what I am looking for.


Surface extrude gives me the shape for which I am looking, but only creates surfaces, not solid bodies.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!!



In the attached file (part drawing, SW 2019 SP3.0):

   -  the 3D surfaces colored orange/rust (right curved face, left curved face) are planned down to the green surface equal to front plane.

   - Boss-Extrude1 and Sketch1 (including Sketch Picture1) are hidden.