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Automotive harnesses with wires

Question asked by Josh Fahey on Feb 1, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2021 by Josh Fahey

Hi, I'm new to SW Electrical and trying to get my head around designing automotive harnesses for my company in SW. I've attached a test harness project. I'm having issues routing the harnesses in the 3D environment. I've tried to speak with our license technical support who have told me to make cables between connectors. However, my understanding is that a harness can be made up of cables OR wires (or both) and the looms that we are making are made with individually crimped conductors rather than multicore wires so I'm reluctant to use cables if I don't have to. I'm also unsure how to correctly draw the single wire diagram when running multiple wires. I believe I have the multi wire diagram correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated.