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Prevent duplicate part numbers to be checked into vault

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Jan 30, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2021 by Barbara Jerin

Hey guys,



For now, I'm using filenames to store the part number. But I have a problem:

I can check in a 123456.sldprt and also a 123456.sldasm into the vault with no warning.


Is there a simple way how I could prevent this?


I talked already with my VAR but they don't have a simple solution other than using two different numbering schemes for parts and assemblies. But I would rather keep my PN scheme the same for parts and assemblies.



How do you make sure you don't check a file with the same PN into the vault twice?





p.s. I would even rather see that the custom property "PN" gets checked for duplicates, not the filename itself. The value for PN is directly linked to the filename for all custom-made parts, but in the case of fasteners, the PN is stored under the custom property "PN" directly....there is no link between the filename and the PN custom property.