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Question asked by John Lhuillier on Jan 30, 2021

Why did Solidworks screw up the Alt Pos view in 2021 sp2. In all previous versions you could use the display state of ONE CONFIGURATION for any and all ALT POS VIEWs. I would normally create a configuration that has the parts to create the alt pos view & when I was done with the drawings, close it and then delete the ALT POS VIEW so that there was one configuration with the display states that were needed. Now you must have to create a 2nd configuration and not delete it if you want to have any alternate position views within a drawing view. This is FUBAR and something in 2021 SP2 that did not need to be fixed. I myself hate configurations in an assembly & would like to have one configuration with multiple display states to be able to show alt position views within a drawing. We normally use it to show the part or parts that are getting held in a fixture that is being designed & not for making a part in a moved position.  Guess it was just too good to last the way it was.