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PDM Dispatch Modify Variable Error - you must check out file before this command will run.

Question asked by Dylon Zingle on Jan 29, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2021 by Tim Webb

Yesterday morning I found an old dispatch function that was created 2-3 years ago by a previous team member of ours. The dispatch function worked AMAZING. It would prompt the user with a drop-down menu where the user could change data versioned variables even if the part was in an approved state (a state that the user would not normally have check out rights to).


I was so excited that this feature was possible that I screen recorded a demo on how the tool worked and posted it to the team. Fast forward 4 hours later, the tool just stops working. Now when I try and run the dispatch function I keep getting an error that says:  "Dispatch Action: Modify Variables Cannot set card variables for file [].SLDPRT, you must check out the file before this command will run."

What I don't understand is that this warning was not present in the morning and now it is present in the afternoon. Any help getting around this security issue would be much appreciated.