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Can I have custom properties change its reference?

Question asked by Matthew Lomelin on Jan 29, 2021

I'll try to explain this the best I can. For starters, I want to have only one drawing template.


So I've been using the properties tab builder for our assemblies. The assemblies cover different phases of production (manufacturing, painting, assembly). Each phase has a different part number, description, approvals etc. I want to be able to fill out all of the information for each phase/field, BUT press ONE button to apply all of the fields to the drawing. I used the radio button to have flexibility for that field, but I just can't figure out how to force the other fields to reference the first radio button. I wanted to maybe use an "invisible" field to concatenate a reference. Use a spreadsheet? I'd like to also be able to have the information entered within solidworks. Any help or direction would help.