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Turning my single surface body into a solid body

Question asked by Trevor Johnson on Jan 29, 2021
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I got this surface body scan with a EinScan 2x Pro and I have certain modifications before I can send out the .stl to get manufactured elsewhere. But I know I have to change the surface body to a solid body before I can really start tweaking with it (or from my understanding). 


I only scanned the top surface of the cab corner so I think I have to thicken it to make it a solid body, but the thicken tool doesn't really want to work. 


I separately scanned the bottom to see if I could mesh them together and then knit surface or something but I'm not really sure how I would go about that.


I apologise if this is completely in the wrong spot to post and if I seem completely new to solidworks (because I am) but I was wondering if I could get some better suggestions from you people out there that are way more experienced than I am.


Also, feel free to correct any of my "from my understanding" mumble because I've learned most of what I know from videos dated back to 2010.