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PDM 2020 SP5 crashing - StoredProcs.dll, NameSpace.dll

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Jan 28, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2021 by Jim Sculley

Anyone else having crash issues with PDM 2020SP5?  I'm seeing below errors in event log.  On all my user's computers... 


I'm curious if anyone else is having these crashes?


The StoredProcs crash seems to trigger on certain folders in the vault, though intermittently.  Folders have normal file types - solidworks, pdfs, dxfs.


The NameSpace crash seems to happen intermittently on boot (automatic sign in), and on file state change.




My details if interested...

VAR and 3DS are stumped so far.  Best guess is some conflict with other software, but I've tried uninstalling most everything including our antivirus/endpoint security.

Shellexview doesn't show anything suspicious - Only Microsoft, Dassault/Solidworks, Nvidia, Adobe stuff.

Crashes happen on different versions of windows - 20H2, 2004, 1909.  So likely not a windows upgrade issue...

We're local admins. Explorer is not running elevated.  I know that running as Administrator with elevated permissions is known to cause issues, we're not doing that.