Mike Moffatt

Automatically Exclude "Sheet" row from BOM

Discussion created by Mike Moffatt on Jan 28, 2021

I quite often work on assemblies containing both Weldments and Sheet Metal components which require a BOM. I need to be able to see the individual weldment bodies and for this reason I use the indented BOM with Detailed Cut List checked on but when I do this, it also displays the "Sheet" body of Sheet Metal components. Not only does it make my table messy but it means that my balloons correspond with the sheet, rather than the part.


I know that I can retrospectively go into the cut list of my sheet metal parts and choose to exclude the body from the cutlist, which would solve my problem but I was wondering if there was a way of automating this? I've toyed with the idea of creating a part template with a sheet metal body already present and excluded but that only works if I'm not creating a multi-body part. It might not seem like a problem but the size of our tables can mean hours of work removing "Sheet" rows if my colleagues or I forget to exclude as we go.


Suggestions appreciated!