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SW 2021 SP1 - Mate Behaviour (Preview) - How to Disable?

Question asked by Iain Hendry on Jan 28, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2021 by Iain Hendry

For 20+ years I have always added mates by pre-positioning components approximately where they should be in free space, with all surfaces visible I intend to click on, to add mates to.  I bring up the Mate sidebar, and add the mates - sometimes as few as 2, sometimes as many as 20+, then hit the Checkbox and everything snaps beautifully into position, fully defined.  It's a great workflow since I know in my head exactly what I need to do to constraint the components, and allows for a minimum of mouse travel or spinning and zooming.


The alternate method I see many people doing is they add a mate, then the parts fly away and they have to zoom out, reposition, zoom back in... and sometimes the other features now that they would have wanted to click on are hidden, etc.  This is the default behaviour of SolidWorks and I had believed previously this was disabled by un-checking the "Show preview" checkbox in the Mate sidebar:



However, we just upgraded to SW 2021 and despite me un-checking this box, after adding a mate, the parts fly away and try to immediately satisfy the mate just added, instead of waiting for me to add more.


Am I missing something?  Is this setting actually some other one buried somewhere else that 2021 has decided to re-activate?


How can I disable this?