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Layers, Revisions and Document Properties

Question asked by K. Nezumi on Jan 28, 2021
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I'm new to SW but not to CAD. I'm using SW2021.


And, as usually, I have a problem. With SW.


i am working on a drawing template that relies heavily on layers, tables and such. The same drawings are used to design, adjust and produce our products. There is a number of revisions involved. Up to this point, this was handled manually but using SWs revision table seems like a better idea. However, revision information is not relevant for the production environment, therefore it has been decided to remove the revision information from drawings going to production.


In order to hide, instead of deleting, the revision information from production drawings, I have created a layer called revisions. The revision table lives on this layer and can thus be conveniently hidden when the information it contains is not directly relevant.


To make things more simple - at least in theory - I have entered the name of the layer in Document Properties/Drafting Standard/Tables/Revision, in the layer section. While it is not directly spelled out, I surmised that the purpose of that section in the Document Properties window is supposed to grant the user the possibility to just place items on the drawing, without having to think overly much about the concept of layer. (I have attached an image).


Unfortunately, that setting doesn't work, at least not in the case of the revision table. Meaning that the revision symbols are being placed on whatever layer I happen to be currently on, instead of being automatically assigned to the Revisions layer that I have added to my layer structure.


While browsing for a solution, I have come across Glenn Schroeder's comment here:  How do I set default layers for entities (specifically drawing dimensions.) (5th reply from the bottom of the thread). I had hoped that his suggestion might solve the issue I am experiencing but no such luck, I'm afraid. The -Per Standard- potion in the layers toolbar doesn't place the revision information on the expected layer.


Strangely enough however, Glenn's suggestion ensures that my dimensions are correctly placed on the dimensions layer (also a layer I set up) as long as the -Per Standard- option is active.


Am I doing anything wrong or is this just another... issue? 


I am aware of the solution. I can just select the revision shapes and manually place them on the correct layer. From my point of view, this does not quality as a solution. To add to the issue, there doesn't seem to be a filter for revision shapes. So it's not even possible to select all shapes in one go and place them on the correct layer. And yes, to avoid this issue, I could also remember to activate the revision layer before placing any revision shapes. But then, what is the point of the "default" layer selection in the Document Properties?


Thank you for your help.